Large extension to a 1940's Manor House, Mr and Mrs Furniss

What made you decide to commission Building Link Design to assist you with your project rather than someone else?

Word of mouth and recommendation. We did approach another firm and after initial consultation felt that BLD would produce a better overall project for us. Cost is always an issue and the perception of an architect is that it is a costly part of the process. BLD’s pricing structure enabled us to feel confident that we could progress, we knew where we stood.

How has Building Link Design delivered what you needed and expected?

The initial outline was worked on for many hours and we have been able to achieve everything we wished for in terms of extra rooms and garages, all in appropriate positions. The next stage was to design it to look as sympathetic to the original structure as possible. This was achieved with immense attention to detail. Because we are extending an existing structure we have had to make necessary changes to take on board situations that arose during build. At each stage BLD has been on the end of a phone or responded to an email immediately. We have had our hands held and queries answered at all times.

How has Building Link Design exceeded your expectations?

The main point for me is accessibility. I’m not sure that anyone at BLD has had a day off or holiday whilst working on this project. I do hope they have but at no time have I not been able to reach someone if an urgent need arose. That is completely the opposite of any other organisation that has been involved with this build. In fact people not returning calls or being away and not contactable to help when required has been the biggest problem on site and this has never been the case with BLD.

What assurance could you give other potential clients who are considering using Building Link Design that they will be making a wise choice?

Any building project is stressful, flexibility on site can often be key, to be flexible you need an architect who can help with decisions quickly and help you keep the project moving.

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