Kirk Sandall Infants School

David Roe of Building Link Design was employed by Kirk Sandall Academy Trust for the concept, design, planning and project management of a two classroom extension on the Infant site. From the outset the project was a challenge as initially we were unsure whether we would receive additional funding for the build. Effectively we had 2 plans running - one was a large two storey extension which would commence if we managed to secure funding, the second was a smaller 2 classroom extension which we would fund from the academy revenue surplus. David was very understanding of our situation and although not ideal from a planning and project management viewpoint, he conducted his work initially with 2 different projects in mind.

David produced a full specification and conducted a competitive tender exercise based on the larger build and we agreed that the successful contractor would be offered the contract regardless which build went ahead. He had the difficult task of conveying to the contractors that they were to tender for one job however the reality may be a smaller project. He also arranged for us to meet all the contractors to enable us form our own opinion of who we would like to engage with the build.

As we were unsuccessful in our funding bid the smaller build had to go ahead however the turnaround for resubmitting plans and drawings was very tight. David worked tirelessly to turn everything around for us as it was imperative that work commenced at the beginning of the May half term break.

Once work commenced David continued to keep us fully informed regarding progress. He regularly attended site and was more than happy for staff to accompany him to view the developing project and to explain milestones of the build. Any variations to the agreed contract were dealt with by David and an architects instruction issued prior to any change. This was of paramount importance to us as our budget was very tight and David always provided a cost benefit analysis of any alteration.

Our project eventually completed ahead of schedule and within budget. As the project reached its final stages some cosmetic changes needed to be made due to specific staff requirements. David dealt with this in a professional and patient manner and the work was completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

In conclusion I would without hesitation recommend David to your organisation. His initial concept and design perfectly fit with the needs of our academy. His conduct and professionalism throughout the the duration of the project was second to none and his general manner with staff, pupils and governors is commendable.

I am the Business Manager of another primary academy in Doncaster and governors there have chosen to engage David’s services for a planned extension based on the excellent service we received at Kirk Sandall.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me or alternatively I would be happy to call in and discuss.

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